Hello dear Drycraft player,

With this website we offer you the opportunity to enchant your account at Drycraft Network. (Rank updates, ingame items, ...)
As this site also titled it, buycraft is not free.
You will have to contribute a small assistance to Drycraft Network.
So we can keep the server running for you and your friends.
Not only that counts, but we can also upgrade the server with more RAM-Memory and new possibilities.

If you are under 18, we want you first to  ask permission from your parents to spend money on your account on our servers.
Drycraft Network is not responsible for it, if you do not have permission from your parents.
Thank you for being online on our server.
 If you noticed some bugs, please alert us so we can fix the bug(s).

DryCraft supporters


Having issues donating, didn't get your rank, or have questions about donating? You can contact us at play.drycraft.net@hotmail.com.

No refunds.

Drycraft Network owned and Operated by DryCraft Incorporated.